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10 Foods You Should Never Put in the Fridge!


You will always get conflicting advice when it is all about storing food. 

You have grown up seeing your parents putting bread in the fridge – and now after 20 years knowing that you should not be doing  so, it is not right is definitely irritating actually bit awkward too. Some of us always consider refrigerating everything because it’s cold, and will keep it fresh, right? But, have you thought about other facts that you should know before storing them. 

Apparently there exists a right as well as a wrong way of storing our groceries, but you may not be doing it accurately. Apart from this you can go through health blogs to know what is good for you and what is not.  You might have this opinion that cold environment can keep food fresher for a much longer time. Well, it’s not true. Everything does not belong to fridge. 

Here is a list of 10 foods one should never put in the fridge:


When bread is stored in fridge it dries out and can go stale more quickly, which is surely not what you might want to bite in your sandwich. Apart from storing bread in the fridge you can try to store it in a cool as well as dry place for which bread bags could be preferred. Apart from this you should consume the bread within 2-3 days once opened to be more hygienic. 

Also when you store bread in cold temperature, bread can lose it softness and make it difficult to eat later on. For best results you should always buy small packets of bread that you can consume within a couple of days.


Love biting a cold melon piece for cooling down the hot summer day. Well that might be hell tasty and satisfying but it is suggested to store melon outside the fridge before you cut it down. Once you have cut it down you should keep it in the fridge after wrapping it within a cling film. Keeping the melon pieces in fridge not only makes the fragrance go throughout but even makes the melon much more juiceless and dry. 


Have bought a dozen of bananas? And willing to store those straight in fridge – well wait for some days. Bananas hail in tropical climates and they do not have any natural defence mechanism for the fridge cold. You may think that keeping them in the fridge will not let them ripen at all.

But actually, this can result in making them more mushy and black as because freezing will result in breaking down the enzyme nutrients. If the bananas are already ripe then you can keep them in the fridge, but if they are in good condition then keeping them in the fridge should be avoided.


You will probably choose to put tomatoes in the fridge for keeping them fresh and cold. But do you think a cool tomato for salad is the best way to go? Apparently the answer is no. As per the food experts, refrigerating tomatoes can damage the inner membrane, which can alter its taste and texture.

Leaving tomatoes outside is suggested because it not only keeps them fresh but also helps them in developing more flavour. Tomatoes can get ripe and spoilt fast because they have such high water content. Nonetheless, eating fresh tomatoes which are stored in room temperature is always better than refrigerated tomatoes. 


A per food standards potatoes are one of those foods that should never be stored in the fridge – because it can be harmful to you. “When potatoes are stored in the fridge, the starch present in it gets converted to sugar. When you bake them or fry them, the sugar combines with the amino acid and produces a chemical called acrylamide, which is highly harmful for your health.”

As compared to other vegetables, potatoes have larger shelf life in room temperature. Potatoes can be easily stored in room temperature for more than 2 weeks and this should be enough for you to cook them in a healthy manner.


It is good to keep cake within an airtight container for several days. If it consists of fresh cream in, then there is no need to keep it in the fridge. Otherwise, you can store it in a cake tin. It’ll taste much better when not cold. It is not recommended to eat cake after storing it for 4-5 days. It is not healthy for you. You can keep that outside and can have it until it is sour in taste or the fragrance gets changed. 


If you’re in the habit of throwing your coffee jar into the fridge (although we’re not sure why you would), then stop immediately. Coffee beans and grounds take in the smells from their surroundings, and you don’t want coffee that tastes like stilton. Keep it in an airtight container outside of the fridge.

Most people even make the mistake of keeping opened coffee powder in the refrigerator thinking that it is okay. Coffee can easily lose its natural properties in the fridge and the strong odor of coffee can even make other foods stored in the fridge smell like coffee.


Honey never go off, so why you try to put it in the fridge? At low temperatures honey can get crystallised. Which means in spite of runny honey you’ll be using a grainy lump. Leave honey out of the fridge and let it be the same as it is now! Keeping it outside in a glass bottle will keep it in more lucid form as compared to storing it in the fridge where it will get lumped. 

Hone is also best kept in an air tight bottle away from sunlight. However, you should ensure that the case in which you store honey is air tight as they easily attract ants and other small creatures because of their sugar content.


Onions do their best in dry as well as high ventilated areas. If you store them in the fridge they may get taint in taste of other groceries. It is suggested to keep them within a dark place else they can start sprouting. The high odour of onion can affect the other  food items being stored nearby thus storing it separately in dark places is suggested. 


Unripe avocado can be annoying but storing it in a fridge is not going to help. Low temperature can hinder its ripening process. It is suggested to store them in open brown bags to ripen them. If you want to make them edible faster keep them with bananas.Keeping avocado with banana makes it ripen a little faster thus, resulting in making it relevant to eat earlier then it would become in normal conditions. 


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