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10 Signs of Your Body Having Too Much Cholesterol!

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Cholesterol can be seen as a derivative of fat present within your bloodstream. There are generally two types of cholesterol: one is high density and another is low density. High density lipoprotein is termed to be good cholesterol, as it is healthy for your body. Whereas, low density cholesterol can be the reason that might cause problems related to circulatory system.

High cholesterol level has been noticed as the most common reason for heart attacks and it is suggested to have control on your diet for maintaining a healthy cholesterol level in your body. The below mentioned points are some of the symptoms that the body shows if the cholesterol levels are too high. If you are noticing any of these symptoms in your body, go for a complete medical checkup as well as consult a doctor for identifying the actual cause for this along with the required medication if.

High blood pressure

When cholesterol is deposited within the arteries, it results in increasing the load on heart for pumping out blood. Which means high blood pressure can be a sign of high cholesterol level. In extreme cases, the blood flow is restricted due to high level of cholesterol which may result in low blood pressure. In each case, it is recommended to go through a full body check-up for ensuring that the cholesterol is at its optimal level.

Usually cholesterol levels do not spike up suddenly and it is a gradual increase. Therefore during regular medical checkups, if there is a spike in cholesterol levels you should try to control your food, exercise and try to bring down your excess cholesterol before taking medications.

Weight gain

Gaining unhealthy weight can cause lots of issues related to health. Overweight people are usually diagnosed with high cholesterol. If you are noticing excessive weight suddenly, it will be a good idea to go through a cholesterol checkup.

Weight gain could be because of changes in lifestyle such as not exercising and eating junk food. Weight gain does not necessarily mean you have high cholesterol. Weight gain could also be because of other hormonal imbalances within the body so you need to go for a medical checkup and ensure your hormones are at normal levels.


Shortened breath is specifically a symptom which results because of high blood cholesterol. When you are having high levels of blood cholesterol in your body, your heart will have to work extra hard to pump blood as well as oxygen levels within the blood stream usually get affected because of this. These all result in a sensation of breathlessness.

This shorftlessness of breath will be most evident when you are doing any physical work such as climbing stairs or walking for a considerable amount of distance. If even the slightest of physical activity is leaving you breathless, you need to get your cholesterol checked at the earliest.


Due to high cholesterol levels your blood may lose its efficiency of dissolving oxygen properly, and as a result your tissues will not get enough energy. This is the main reason because of which people having high cholesterol level feel tired.

If you have been leading a sedentary lifestyle long with improper diet, the tiredness can get amplified and you will be tired for no apparent reason. In such cases, the first thing you need to do is fix your diet and ensure you start with some mild exercises. Check your cholesterol levels before and after you start diet and exercise and monitor your progress.

Chest pain

If excess cholesterol gets deposited inside the arteries it becomes harder for the heart to pump blood and keep blood flow going. Due to such an extra strain on the heart, people suffering through cholesterol usually have chest pain problem.

This symptom is usually found in people who are older. Chest pain can also be because of any other issues with the heart or even formation of gas. If you are experiencing chest pain from time to time, always go for a complete medical checkup–regardless of how old you are.


Nausea is yet another specific symptom of high cholesterol. It generally happens because of the change in blood pressure as well as its composition. If you are going through such a symptom since long time, you must avoid having fatty foods, high intake of oil and should have routine full body check-up.

The feeling of nausea is usually soon after you have completed a meal and it could also be because your digestive system is not working properly. If you are noticing nausea along with other signs of high cholesterol you should consult a doctor at the earliest.

Pain in knees and foot

High level of cholesterol in your body may result in pain in the legs, night cramps, change in skin and nails, unusual skin colouring, cold feet, Atrophy of calf muscles and much more. If you are already suffering from joint pains then it can worsen your condition.

Pain in knees is usually because the knee and joints are not getting enough blood even though the heart is pumping blood normally. Pain in knees can be difficult to diagnose because they could also be related to bones and muscle-related issues. Along with a cholesterol test you should also undergo a knee and muscle X-ray to identify the cause of the issue.

Pain around neck and jaw

Pain around neck and jaw is one of the clear symptoms that you are having heart disease and can even indicate high cholesterol levels. Patients having high cholesterol levels generally have reported experiencing such pain. In case you are a suspect of high cholesterol and you usually go through pain around neck and jaw, consult a doctor and get your blood checked.

Pain around the neck and jaw could also be a sign of an impending heart attack so you should get these checked at the earliest.

Back Pain

Although people might think that back pain can’t be related with cholesterol, but there is a connection. High cholesterol tends to increase the body weight. This sudden increase within the weight generates extra burden over your back bone. That is why back pain is associated with high cholesterol.

Try reducing your body weight through diet, exercise and general well-being you should be able to reduce your back pain. If not, it could be a sign that your back is already injured and you need to take corrective measures immediately.

How does cholesterol get distributed in the body?

Cholesterol is easily carried through your bloodstream by the carriers which are made of fat called lipids along with proteins called lipoproteins.
There are basically two types of lipoproteins:

Low-density lipoprotein (LDL): It is considered to be harmful cholesterol. If too much LDL cholesterol is present in the blood, it can get accumulated along the blood vessels or walls of arteries, forming plaque. This can raise the chances of a heart attack or stroke.

High-density lipoprotein (HDL): It is considered to be the beneficial cholesterol. HDL helps in removing excess cholesterol from your bloodstream and usually returns it to the liver where it gets broken down and is passed out of the body.

How can high cholesterol levels affect you?

If too much LDL cholesterol is present within the blood, it can get accumulated along the walls of arteries and further it can slowly build in blood vessels, making them narrower. As cholesterol gets deposited, the arteries become hard and grow narrower. The hardening of bloodstreams does not allow them to work with the fullest capacity, thus, it results in restricting the blood flow from the heart. With time the cholesterol plaque can result in completely blocking up the arteries, which can be a reason for heart attack or heart failure. Apart from this, the plaque can burst the arteries, forming blood clots, which then blocks the blood flow to the heart. This can make you suffer through severe chest pain, also known as angina, or a heart attack.


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