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11 Foods That Can Reduce Probability of Cancer!


You might not be aware of this but your diet that you are on a daily basis is directly comparable with the risk of severe health diseases such as cancer, heart problems and can have adverse impacts on your kidneys. Moreover, you must know the fact food items you have on a regular basis must contain adequate nutritional values that help in mitigating the risk and are related to your well-being.

What you eat may drastically affect your health, which even includes your risk of developing a few chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Many foods contain compounds which could help directly in decreasing the growth of cancer.

Several scientific researches and studies have shown that higher intake of certain food items can be associated and can have an influence in lowering the risk of the disease. Here is a list of 11 such food items that you can include within your everyday meals for minimizing the risk of cancer in your body:


It is a rich source of antioxidants and contains sulforaphane, the component which is only found in few vegetables belonging to the family Brassicaceae i.e. the cruciferous vegetables. It mainly helps in reducing the chances of breast cancer in the body up to 70%-80% and thus eating broccoli helps in staying healthy and away from health issues and severe diseases such as cancer.

Even though broccoli is not the tastiest food in the world you can eat, it is certainly one of the most healthiest. Broccoli is best consumed in raw or steamed form and you can add some pepper to it to make it taste better. You can also consider having a healthy portion of broccoli along with your regular meals as part of a healthy diet.


If you are willing to eat something that can reduce the risk of various types of cancer, then carrot is definitely the right choice. Moreover, carrot majorly lessens the symptoms of stomach as well as lung cancer. Apart from this it helps to improve your digestion system.

Carrots are also best consumed in their natural form and one serving of carrots will keep you full for longer. Carrots are also great for your eyes and help you lose weight. If you do not like the raw taste of carrots you can also consider having carrot juice early in the morning for the same health benefits.


Scientific studies have proved that people who eat nuts on everyday basis in a good and adequate amount have lower risk of colorectal, pancreatic and endometrial cancers all at once. If you are having Brazil nuts as well as walnuts at least once a week you are decreasing the symptoms and factors of lung and breast cancer upto 85 %.

Nuts are a great snack for any time and you can consider having nuts along with your cereal as well. It’s great to carry around with you and since nuts take longer time to digest you will feel full for longer and can help you lose weight.

Olive oil

Olive oil has various advantages on overall health; hence it is seen as one of the major staples in the Mediterranean menu. Time to time changing oils for preparing your food with olive oil is one of the most simplistic ways for gaining strength and gaining a healthy body. Moreover, it lowers the risk and danger of breast cancer and cancer related to digestive system.

Olive oil can be used for cooking and is a great alternative to vegetable oil. You can even consider having a tablespoon of olive oil early in the morning to get complete health benefits. Olive oil is great for your eyes, skin, heart and helps prevent cancer. What more could you ask for?


Berries consist of anthocyanins in an abundant amount that is basically a plant pigment which contains high amount of antioxidant components and directly relates to reduce risk of cancer. So even if you are adding a few berries within the meals it can easily repress the expansion of cancer within your body.

Like nuts, berries can also be used as a snack to be consumed all day long. Berries can also be frozen and stored for a long time without losing any of their nutritional value. As berries as rich in anti-oxidants, they prevent all kinds of cancer cells from growing in the body and even help with digestion.


The red color of Tomato is due to the presence of lycopene which makes tomato an anticancer food item which you must include in your diet. If you eat tomatoes on a daily basis more than usual bases you can easily reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

Tomatoes can be consumed raw and they are best eaten raw or steamed. If you are trying to lose weight, it is important that you eat tomatoes along with raw food to help lose weight faster. Tomatoes should be throughly washed with water as they are known to contain pesticides that can cause cancer.


If you are searching for a food item to add within your lunch or breakfast that can minimize the risk of colorectal cancer then you should include Beans within it as it provides you with a great amount of fiber for your cells. Moreover, eating beans thrice a week can help in reducing the risk by more than 70%.

Eating beans in the raw or steamed form can reduce your hunger as it takes longer to digest. Also beans is a rich source of vitamins and along with fiber, they help correct your bowel movements which is essential to keep you healthy.

Fatty fish

Studies have proven that including fish in your diet can help in mitigating the danger of growing colorectal cancer, whereas the red as well as processed meats actually tends to develop certain risks. Fatty fish such as trout and Salmon can be very helpful for your overall health along with your mind and memory.

Fish also contains Omega 3 fatty acids which are great for your overall health. Omega 3 fatty acids also help keep your eyes healthy and is great for skin tissues to repair itself. If you do not like the taste of raw fish, you can even consider consuming fatty fish supplements that will also give your body the same amount of nutrients.

Citrus fruit

If you decide to include citrus fruits within your morning diet than you can give yourself a healthy start that can surely help in reducing the risk of cancer in the upper respiratory regions. Citrus fruits include fruits such as grapefruit, orange, lemon as well as lime that belong from specific trees having citron.

Citrus fruits are a rich source of Vitamin C which helps prevent diseases such as the common cold, flu and related ailments. Citrus fruits can be considered any time during the day but if you have a sensitive digestive system, you should be careful with the combination of citrus fruits and other foods you consume within a short time period.


Flaxseed can be very helpful for women for reducing the chances of breast cancer and apart from this it helps in destroying the cancer causing cells from the body. This can be seen as high fiber source and thus it helps in controlling the levels of colorectal cancer.

Flax seeds have recently become very popular due more and more medical practitioners talking about their health benefits. Flax seeds can be used during cooking and even though they might not add any value in terms of “taste”, they are great sources of fiber and they can prevent cancer.


Cinnamon is highly acknowledged for the health related benefits, along with the capability of reducing blood sugar and help in curing infections. According to several studies, cinnamon oil can stifle the development of head, neck, as well as throat cancer cells, and apart from this it reduces tumour extension.

Cinnamon is also great for diabetes patients and can prevent diabetes related complications for furthering. You can add cinnamon in smoothies, add cinnamon in fruit bowls or even add during cooking every day foods. You can also add cinnamon during baking but ensure that you do not consume too much cinnamon as it can have side effects too.


The dynamic element which is present in garlic is allicin. It is the most useful compound which used for destroying the cancer cells that has been observed in multiple tests and investigations. Some researchers have discovered that garlic consumption can lower the risk of stomach and prostate cancer.

Garlic is best consumed in raw form but most people will not be able to eat raw garlic due to the pungent smell and taste. You can add garlic in everyday cooking and ensure you get all of its health benefits. Garlic is also great for digestion and will help keep your digestive system clean.


Turmeric is a very well known spice especially for its health promoting attributes. Curcumin is one of the active ingredients present in turmeric and is a compound with anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anticancer properties.

Turmeric can be added in scrambled eggs, rice, soups or even used in smoothies. When you buy turmeric, ensure that you are buying organic turmeric that is free of adulterants and eat generous portions of turmeric to get health benefits.


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