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7 Arthritis Causing Foods to You Should Always Avoid!


Tired due to the aching and grinding joints? Worrying about the painful conditions of your hands? You are not alone! Arthritis is affecting more than 50 million American adults and approximately 300,000 children including 100 different types of arthritis. As per doctor’s you should go on with the drugs and even surgical fix for severe cases.

Did you know, there are a variety of foods those results in making arthritis far worse? You might be making the joints hurt just because of the chosen foods that you are having. Pain occurs due to inflammation and food that you intake can cause inflammation. You’ll be shocked to learn about the food items that you regularly intake and those tend to make joint pain occur.

Saturated fats

saturated fats

Saturated fats are usually found in food items such as red meat, butter as well as cheese. Saturated fats can trigger inflammation within the fat tissue. This type of inflammation can be dangerous for your heart and can make arthritis pain worse.

AGE refers to advanced glycation end product (AGE), a toxin which can be noticed when you intake food items which are heated, grilled, fried, and pasteurized.

AGEs tends to damage certain amount proteins present in your body. Your body works to break these AGEs with the help of cytokines that is considered to be an inflammatory messenger. Depending on the area where the AGEs have occurred, it can result in arthritis as well as other forms of inflammation.
Studies have proved that reducing the intake of food that is cooked at high temperatures can potentially help in reducing blood AGE levels.

Omega 6 fatty acids

You might have heard about Omega-3 fatty acids. These are most important for controlling inflammation. Omega-6 fatty acids highly trigger the body for producing chemicals which cause inflammation. Omega-6 fatty acids are generally found in food items such as corn, safflower, sunflower, soy as well as vegetable oils, and some products which consist of these oils.

It is suggested to replace the Omega-6 rich oils with foods such as canola, flaxseed, walnut, and olive oils. These fatty acids are found within trans-fats along with the commercial frying oil. Eliminate them for better protection again Arthritis.


Alcohol consumption while suffering from Arthritis can lead you towards a number of health problems, along with high affects over your joints. If you smoke on a daily basis, there will be high risk related to the development of rheumatoid arthritis. If you are consuming alcohol, you may have a higher risk of developing gout.

Healthy joints would require consumption of balanced diet, some physical activity, as well as an adequate amount of rest. All of this will get compromised by the use of alcohol and tobacco.
Try cutting out drinking and smoking from your daily routine. Apart from this ensure that your daily activities include healthy and hygienic meal choices, regular exercise, along with quality sleep.

Processed foods

Studies and research have examined that this disease can be prevented through specific diets. As per 2009 study, minimising the intake of fried as well as processed foods can result in reduced inflammation and this actually helps to restore the body’s natural defence mechanism.

Cut down the intake of fried and processed foods like fried meats, prepared frozen meals. You should include more vegetables and fruits within your diet. Also try to do some exercise so that your bowel movement is regular and your body does not retain fat.


Get to know what your food includes. Many food items that you take on a daily basis contain an excessive amount of salt along with other preservatives for promoting longer shelf lives. Consuming excess amount of salt in your diet can result in inflammation in your joints. Reducing your salt consumption at modest levels can be reasonable to help.

Before having food items check their labels for avoiding preservatives and additives. Having less amount of salt will help you in managing your arthritis that even includes avoiding prepared meals. They might be already prepared but consists of high levels of sodium.



Sugar may release cytokines in your body, which causes inflammation. Sugar tends to trigger a lot of diseases due to the presence of cytokines. And sugar can cause increased arthritis pain. Artificial sweeteners must be used in place of sugar. Sugar is associated with various diseases, cancers and inflammation.

Intake of high sugar amounts within your diet tends to increase the level of AGEs that can result in inflammation. So what you are supposed to do? Cut out candies, foods that are processed, white flour baked groceries, along with sodas for reducing your arthritis pain.

Refined grains

Refined grains includes white flour as well as white rice. They tend to make levels of inflammation increased. Moreover, if your body is gluten-sensitive, then wheat products can cause joint pain. Apart from this if you get rashes, migraines, fatigue or even joint pain after having wheat, you can be gluten sensitive.

Refined grains can be easily digested, and the body can react to them just like sugar. You should avoid everything that is made from white flour. Eating whole grains can help in decreasing inflammation, so removal and replacement of refined grains is important.

So, at the end, particular food can make the arthritis condition worst. Try to avoid the above mentioned food items as the precautions. Apart from the medications being prescribed by the doctor you should maintain your diet for the betterment of your joints. Elimination of foods which cause inflammation helps in decreasing arthritis pain.


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