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7 Early Warning Signs of Appendicitis & What You Should Do Next!


An appendix is a 3.5 inches long tubular tissue which is extended from the large intestine under the right side of your belly. It’s not confirmed anywhere what exactly an appendix does inside our body but if it ever gets infected it will ultimately explode inside your body and the aforementioned emergency is basically known as Appendicitis.

It is a therapeutic crisis which perpetually demands to be operated to discard the appendix out of your body and for that you must consult the right doctor and get it operated from the best hospital near you. Appendicitis can be extremely painful and if you suspect you have the condition, it is best checked by a doctor at the earliest. 

Here are 7 of the earliest warnings of Appendicitis:

Painful movement in the body

The pain caused by this emergency issue will grow very critical with the time which would not let you lead a normal life, and moreover, the unbearable pain will cause a severe struggle when you sneeze or cough. This pain is similar to the pain of rib damage.

If you have experienced any kind of nerve related health issues before you would know how difficult it would be to move around to even complete day to day tasks. The same would be the case with appendicitis, only pain might even be unbearable.

Bloating and gas


After you have had a meal or drank a lot of water you will certainly feel bloated for a while like women feel during menstruation. Though this feeling would sink in after some hours, and you will again feel absolutely normal. But one of the earliest warnings of appendicitis is a feeling of gas and bloating which is know go away quickly.

However, do note that appendicitis might not be the only reason for bloating. Bloating of stomach can also be caused due to food habits and even indigestion. If you notice bloating with other signs mentioned, then get yourself checked by a qualified medical professional.

Acute pain in the abdomen

If you have Appendicitis you will undergo a pinching pain and an awkward feeling inside the lower abdominal area which will escalate promptly and make you feel extremely sick and weak within just a few hours. You must consult a doctor immediately as this pain will not allow you to do your daily work properly.

Acute and sharp pain is usually sign of something very wrong with the body. Pain in case of appendicitis might be long lasting and can leave you unable to perform day to day tasks. In any case if you get acute pain in stomach, you should consult a doctor and undergo treatment for the identified cause.

Low-intensity fever and chills

Fever is the body’s way of showing you that something is wrong. Fever is usually because of external infections entering the body and in case of appendicitis, the threat is within the body. In cases of appendicitis, fever would be low intensity and will not go away with usual medications.

The chills you are going to get might get followed by a low-power fever which makes you all sweaty.  Meanwhile, your body heat might accelerate beyond 100 degrees Fahrenheit which indicates a sign of appendicitis.

Swelling in the abdomen

The abdominal swelling and bloating are quite a different state of symptoms in the body when you are infected. The swelling in the abdominal walls is not linked by the pressure inside the stomach. But preferably, the substantial expansion of the appendix on the tissues is inundating the pain and swelling.

Before diagnosing yourself with appendicitis, you should ensure that bloating is not occurring due to unhealthy foods. Monitor your daily eating habits and check for other signs of appendicitis. If you tummy is bloating only during a specific time, then it might not be appendicitis, but rather gas formation.

Mild nausea


Nausea is one of the major indications of this disease, and however, it could grow larger before you are going to experience any abdominal problem. You might also undergo sessions of puking along with the above problems.

Check if you are feeling nauseous all during the time even without eating any special food. Usually the feeling of nausea goes away after sometime, but prolonged nausea could be a sign of appendicitis.

Painful urination

Urination is a daily bodily function that is essential for being healthy. Many people suffering from appendicitis have reported to have pain during urination. Even urinary infection can also cause the same symptom.

This particular symptom is not only a symptom of this health issue as there are a lot of diseases which causes painful urination and excretion. If you experience this problem along with the above-listed issues then it is a mandatory job to get a checkup to understand if it is happening because of an infected appendix.


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