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7 Must-Know Tips to Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease In Your Loved Ones!


As we grow older, we become prone to many complications and Alzheimer’s disease is one of the major illnesses that may happen to an aged person. People believe it is an incurable problem and solution of getting rid of this is yet to be found.

But it has been proven that Alzheimer’s disease and the other related ubiquitous kind of brain disorders which create a long-lasting reduction in the normal capability to think could be prevented with the slightest bit of changes in your lifestyle.

Here 7 Tips to prevent Alzheimer’s diseases in your loved ones:

Daily exercise

Exercise to Prevent Alzheimer's Disease

A regular session of dynamic health-care training and exercising can decrease the possibility of having Alzheimer’s disease. Yoga and workout guards you from have any form of dementia by inciting your mind’s strength to keep the connections stronger than ever.

If your loved one has been having a sedentary lifestyle for a long time, it is advisable that the person starts off with basic exercises such as brisk walking that will help loosen up the body and get preferred before other high intensity exercises. Exercising has long term effects on almost all parts of the body and it will also keep the mind stimulated at all ages.

Social engagement

Many modern day diseases occur due to a combination of physical and mental issues. One of the most subtle yet dangerous mental diseases in the world is depression which can be because of lack of social engagement.

Staying around your loved ones or being in an active social environment with everybody can prevent this disease. Although you do not have to arrange parties and events at your home, you must share a great connection with your friends so that they talk to you and listen to your problems. Even the slightest of interactions with anyone your loved one trusts can help relax and keep Alzheimer’s disease away.

Healthy diet

Healthy diet to prevent Alzheimer’s disease

This condition presents a link between metabolic dysfunctions and the signal processing modes due to injured neurons and hinders interaction in between the brain cells. By changing your habits of overeating or eating unhealthy food you might help lessen the problem and shield those cells. You need to eat a balanced and healthy diet regularly. 

People who tend to over eat usually have some other issues and it is the brains trick to distract from issues by replacing it with any joy giving habit. Just like drugs, food can also be addictive and cause damage to the mind and body.

Mental stimulation

Mental Stimulation to prevent Alzheimer’s

People who are going to continue with the process of studying the latest ideas and information and questioning the brains with curiosity remain less prone to acquire Alzheimer’s disease and other related ubiquitous kinds of brain disorders.

As people get older, they stop doing exercises for their minds and research has proven that keeping the mind always stimulated and in a problem solving mode tends to keep it healthy. You can give your loved ones puzzles to solve or any mentally stimulating activities they used to enjoy when they were younger.

Quality sleep

Sleep to prevent Alzheimer’s disease

It is common for people with Alzheimer’s disease to undergo a phase of sleeplessness and additional sleeping difficulties. However, one of the new analyses recommends that an affected sleep-cycle isn’t just about the Alzheimer’s, but a potential danger.

If the feeling of sleeplessness is decreasing your process to think and influencing your attitude, you might have got Alzheimer’s disease. Hence, you have to make sure that you sleep properly and take care of yourself. If you are worried about an older loved one getting Alzheimer’s disease you need to explain to them that sleep is essential to prevent the disease and that they should try to get their sleep cycle in order. 

Stress management

de stress to prevent Alzheimer’s disease

Recurrent or tenacious amount of pressure and anxiety could exert huge damage in your mind, commencing to depreciation in a key retention region, impeding nervure growth of a cell, including raising the chances of having Alzheimer’s disease. On the other hand, simplistic anxiety control mechanisms can reduce its adverse impacts.

Research has proven that people living in constant day to day stress tend to age faster and their mental capabilities tend to lower with time. To prevent Alzheimer’s disease it is important that you de-stress through yoga, meditation or anything that relaxes the mind. You can even consider taking short vacations that refreshes the mind.

Quit smoking

Quit smoking to prevent Alzheimer’s disease

Smoking cigarette causes many serious health issues and it has been observed that smoking drastically increases the chances of developing Alzheimer’s disease. Researches on smokers have found that people who are more than the age of 60 and are still smoking are 80% more likely to get this disease.  But if you stop smoking by the age of 50, the mind is able to function better almost instantaneously.

As you get older, the lungs also lose the capacity to repair itself to recover from the harmful effects of smoking. In addition to reducing chances of developing Alzheimer’s, quitting smoking will also help with better digestion and overall better well-being.


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