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7 Signs Your Brain and Body Are Begging for ‘Alone Time’!


Sometimes, everything around you is happening at a fast pace but you do not want to really cope up anything. Like for an example, you easily get irritated and creeped out about silly and trivial issues and make yourself all worked up about it. It is nothing but a sign or a warning that your body and mind need some alone time.

Desiring to be alone, especially if you are in a relationship is not necessarily a bad thing. Being alone lets you think about your own priorities rather than others. However, if you have been alone for a long time and you detest being with anyone, you might need to think about why you feel so. Depression can also make you want to be alone. If you suspect you are depressed, please consult a qualified medical practitioner for advice.

Here is a list of seven such examples which can surely help you understand that you need some time for yourself:

Nothing Excites You Anymore

One of the earliest signs of this problem is that you would stop having fun with the little things around you as nothing excites you anymore. Most importantly, you start to think that your level of enthusiasm doesn’t match with people around you and that is why you assume that nothing is fun anymore.

In a situation like this, you must go out, do what you like, read a book, watch a movie, have a spa session or just call over your best buddy and have a talk walk with them which might help you relax and give you the idea of why you are always bored and dilatory.

Craving for Junk All-day

You really have to understand if it is actually the tasty food you are craving for or you are just trying to avoid the problems you are facing through your taste buds. It is okay to eat some snacks when you feel like but if you see you are craving for the oily chips and chocolates just like that, there has to be some problem with it.

It happens when you are an emotional eater, you tend to eat more when something upsets you so you should know what will help you to cut through so, if it is some “me time”, go for it.

Too Worked up

You should absolutely consider taking a break from your frustrations if you see yourself getting worked up about the slightest of things. Moreover, for the best signs, you will see that you are no longer able to keep calm about the things you forgot to bring from the market or someone forgot to make it up to you after disappointing you and most importantly when your partner isn’t replying to your texts or calls for a few hours.

These are the signs which you must take into consideration and give yourself some time to keep your problems together. In such cases taking a complete break from people, work and other distractions will help you get back on track.

Snapping at people close to you

It starts from the very moment when things easily get on your nerves, especially things about the people who you care about and vice versa. You will definitely find yourself snapping at your loved ones for no reason at all or absolutely for something ignorable and trivial.

This happens when you start getting too overwhelmed with the little things that bother you hence if you really want to stop doing so, you should take a break from everything and give some quality time to yourself.


Every sign is in any way interconnected to each of the other signs. If you do not want to put efforts in spending time with your friends and especially your family, instead you want to lock your room and sit in the dark, it’s time.

If isolation is what you are craving for, which is cutting you out from the fun you could have with people close to you, you must think of taking a break and have some alone time. As that is what your body and mind need when it covets for isolation and makes you want to hide in some place or inside the closet just to avid interactions.

Being Clingy to your partner

It is when you forget the sense of space which you should give to your partner. Being clingy to your partner is the one thing which affects not only you but your partner the most as it makes them follow the rules set by you.

This gets absolutely difficult for your partner as on one hand your partner would want to cope up with his own life and on the other, you are emotionally dependent on them for your problems and ask for the solutions. It will make them want to fight with you more so the option for you is to give yourself some ‘me time’.

In desperate need for attention

When it starts bothering you about how much attention you are getting from someone it is a problem which you must solve. It is when you start worrying about people, their choices about you and how much you matter to them. For a fact, you must know that people who actually care for you will stay beside you no matter what so you should stop troubling about these insignificant actions and rather plan a break from everything that makes you do it.

Overall, if you feel the need to be alone, just take a break from your daily routine and think why you are feeling this way. Usually taking a break and conscious thinking will help you understand why you need to be alone and what you can do about different problems in your life.


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