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7 Symptoms of Hyperthyroidism You Should Know!


Have you ever been concerned about your unplanned weight loss or despite of regular food intake, you are still not able to put on weight? Hmm. Oh! That might be because of Hyperthyroidism. It is a condition that occurs on excess production of Thyroid hormone, that’s responsible for our body’s metabolism. The unintentional weight loss is one of its symptoms.

As you might know Thyroid hormones are essential for your body’s metabolism. Thyroid glands play an important role in vital body functions such as Breathing, Heart rate, Central and peripheral nervous systems, Body weight, Muscle strength, Menstrual cycles, Body temperature, Cholesterol levels and many other functions. Even the slightest of imbalance in the amount of thyroid hormones produced by the body can cause many health issues and thyroid related health problems require medication.

If you’d like to know more about Thyroid, we suggest you visit this website–The American Thyroid Association.

Let’s have a quick look at the 7 symptoms of Hyperthyroidism that you should know.

Weight Loss

One of the most prevalent and noticeable symptom is an unexpected weight loss. Though, you might have increased your appetite but it’s taking you nowhere in your mission to gain weight and that’s because of Hyperthyroidism. 

Because of hyperthyroidism you body tends to have higher metabolism and fat in the body will be burned sooner. Along with burning of fat, good fats in your body can also get burned which results in unhealthy weight loss. If you notice weight loss along with other signs, we recommend you go for a thyroid check up and ensure you thyroid levels are normal. 

Mood Swings

Another most visible symptom is a frequent fluctuations in your mood. Such as, getting irritated easily or sudden sense of being happy or sad. Sometimes, you might even get confused about yourself that such a reaction to a small petty thing. Oh! Its Hyperthyroidism doing its work behind your senses. One minute you feel happy and the other second that sudden aggression surprises you.

In such cases what we recommend is monitoring yourself for mood swings and if you have always been a moody person–it will harder to notice the changes. However, if the slightest of provocation makes you angry or irritated and you notice other hyperthyroidism symptoms please consult a qualified medical practitioner.

Irregular Sleep 

This is one symptom that leads to another, wherein you either will not be getting enough sleep at times or sleeping for long hours the other times causing irritation, anxiety, and restlessness. As we mentioned before because of high metabolism, you might feel hungry and this can affect the sleep pattern.

Another reason why you could not be getting sleep is because of irritability. If you are experiencing lack of sleep, we recommend that you try to correct your sleep cycle by going to bed early and getting proper exercise so that the body is tired and can sleep. If after couple of weeks of eating healthy and exercising you are unable to still get sleep, check your thyroid levels and take medication if required.

Excessive Sweating  

Sweating while doing a workout or cardio is absolutely natural. But, sweating particularly on palms and soles at all times should be a concern. This is what Hyperthyroidism does, making you sweat excessively. This sweating could range from anywhere slight sweating to something quite drastic.

Unnatural sweating could also be because of Diabetic hypoglycemia, Endocarditis (an infection of the inner lining of the heart), Fever of undetermined cause, Generalized anxiety disorder, Heart attack, Heat exhaustion, HIV/AIDS, Hyperhidrosis. If you notice other hyperthyroidism signs along with excessive sweating, we recommend you going for a complete thyroid checkup.

Change in Hair Condition 

Today’s competitive world requires you to be competitive with your looks too and hair plays a vital role in making you look confident. Hyperthyroidism impacts your hair texture and you might observe your hair to get fine and brittle.

When diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism, it is recommended to keep a keen eye on your hair condition. If you are some who uses chemicals and hard shampoo on the hair then this wouldn’t be a sign of hyperthyroidism. However, research has shown that people suffering from Hyperthyroidism can lose texture of their hair and hair generally becomes unhealthy.

Abnormal Digestive Problems

Improper diet and lifestyle are some of the reasons to have an upset stomach and strong bowel movements. However, symptoms as constipation, gas, bloating and cramps could be due to Hyperthyroidism. If you notice such symptoms of hyperthyroidism along with other signs mentioned in the article, we recommend that you consult a doctor and check your thyroid levels.

You can also consider consulting a qualified dietician to get an effective diet plan for your body because once you start taking medicines for thyroid, it becomes difficult for you to stop as the body’s thyroid levels get regulated based on medicines.

Lack of Concentration

Hyperthyroidism lets you lose focus on things. If you have hyperthyroidism, you find it difficult to concentrate and distracted all the time. This can have a great impact not on your professional life but also on your personal life too. Though there are multiple reasons to lose focus but Hyperthyroidism might be one of them.

Along with regular exercises, a happy and a healthy diet can help you improve concentration but it is recommended to see a doctor if the condition persists. Also you might notice that this lack of concentration can also affect the things you used to love before. Under such circumstances, you might find it difficult to even complete simple hobby related tasks that you had no trouble completing.


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