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7 Things You Need to Know About Hair Transplantation!


Patchy hair as well as spot baldness can cause a big turn off in anyone’s life. This may lead to low self esteem and can cause a lack in self confidence. Hair loss can exist due to a number of reasons which may range from genetics to climatic conditions to nutritional deficiencies. Similarly there exist different ways for curbing hair loss. One of such techniques that can be used to re-grow your hair is a hair transplant.

As per the doctors, there are quite low probabilities of risks in hair transplants.One must also go through the American hairloss organisation to ensure what you want to go with.  If hair transplantations are executed by a well trained specialist then there would be no side effects. Such techniques not only help in gaining self-confidence but also allure your appearance.

Before you decide to get hair transplants, you must know certain things.

There are two types of hair transplants

Clinics generally offer two types of hair transplants spelled as FUT and FUE:

  • Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) also known as the ‘Strip’ method is an older technique. In this technique cutting of a hair strip and removing skin from your scalp is done. It is further divided and is efficiently transplanted within the particular areas where you might be experiencing spot baldness and thinning. The affected area is left with a scar and can be easily hidden with hair. After the transplant it requires a long going aftercare schedule.
  • Follicular Unit Extraction abbreviated as FUE is a newer hair transplant technique and is considered to be more advanced within this sector. In this technique, around hair follicles small incisions are made and then theses are transplanted within the balding area. This hair transplant technique does not require a lot of aftercare but it is more time consuming and is much costlier than FUT method.

Both of these will provide you the same result i.e. re-grown hair. 

The hair transplantation procedure is not an enchantment

The primary objective of hair transplants is re-growing hair in no time. Moreover, the growth of hair after hair transplant may vary to every individual. The surgery is all about the hair quantity within the donor area. It does not provide any guarantee regarding the full growth and dense hair.

It has been reported that in some people, even after hair transplant the new hair failed to take root and baldness or patchy hair condition stayed. This does not mean you shouldn’t try to go for a hair transplant, always seek the advise of an expert doctor before going for a hair transplant.

Skin and hair types

You must choose hair transplant specialist as per the skin type i.e. dark and Asian skin. Choosing experienced professionals for particular skin types can provide you with the best results and great success chances. As per specific skin hair type vary and only an experienced specialist can do this at his best. 

Also, you should undergo a complete skin (scalp) examination by a qualified dermatologist before going for a hair transplant. This will ensure that the doctor is aware of your skin condition and can treat any skin infections before or after you have undergone a hair transplant procedure.

Transplanted hair is similar to normal hair

Transplanted hair is not much different than the normal hair. After re-growing, they are the exact same as your normal hair. It’s just the transplanted hair require a little high level of care. You may treat them, can easily wash them, can apply hair oil and you can do anything else just the same way.

At the first glance, it is difficult to distinguish between transplanted hair and normal hair. However, there is a catch. Transplanted hair must be of the same texture, color and likeness of the original hair to maintain the same look. Else your hair might look slightly odd with half being different texture.

Hair transplants are permanent

Before choosing such a technique, you should do relevant research. Hair transplant is not a temporary technique which can replace after some time. It is a permanent one which is used of curbing hair loss. So you must clear all your thoughts. Hair taken from donor areas is further transplanted within the bald spots, so it becomes a permanent process. Hence, it is suggested to do research before opting for hair transplantation.

If you are serious about hair transplantation, you should first do research about the possible implications and the best hair transplantation facilities available in your locality. We recommend that you seek advise from family and friends and go through word of mouth referral than doing online research.

About pain and scarring

During this procedure, specialist will efficiently manage your pain, thus the only uncomfortable thing you should be worried about is sitting in a place for straight 8 hours. They may provide you regular breaks to walk, stretch, though. You may experience a little soreness but it will not exceed the level of pain which can be easily managed by OTC painkillers.

These days, hair transplantation has become a normal procedure and the pain you experience will be nothing out of the ordinary. So you can leave the thought of pain and focus on find the best quality surgeons do complete the procedure without worry.


Having these hair transplants will definitely require you to do some aftercare. It is suggested to avoid spicy food items, workout which is rigorous, alcohol, and smoking particularly before and after these transplants. Rest you can follow up with your doctor’s advice regarding dos and don’ts. 

While aftercare for hair transplant is important, it should not affect your normal day to day life in any way. For a few weeks you can be careful with your haircare and after that once the new hair starts taking root, you can just live normally even in terms of hair wash, swimming or other outdoor activities.


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