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7 Tummy-Bloating Foods That You Should Always Avoid!


Acidity and bloating sensation are quite common nowadays. The change in our food habits and lifestyle is the main reason behind these health issues. Acidity can be really frustrating because it’ll reduce the sensation of your taste buds and you would not be able to even enjoy a good meal.

There are many tablets and types of medications available in your local pharmacy to reduce the effect of acidity. However, these pills will not eliminate the root cause of problem. Any issue related with your digestive system will have a direct connection to your diet. If you are facing acidity and tummy bloating over a long period of time, we recommend you undergo a medical check up and understand the root cause of the issue. If acidity and tummy bloating issues come up once in a while, you can consider avoiding acidity causing foods to prevent the condition.

Take a look at some food articles you must avoid to prevent your tummy from bloating.

Diary products

dairy causing acididty

As you would know diary products are rich in calcium and should be consumed along with your diet for the body’s intake of calcium. However, some people are naturally lactose intolerant and this can cause acidity.

Check with your doctor if you are lactose intolerant and if you are found to be so, please avoid having diary and switch to other forms of food that are rich in calcium. You can even consider consuming calcium tablets as supplements–but only after checking with your doctor.

Soft drinks

soft drinks tummy bloating

You should know that soft drinks are never good for health. Even tough they taste good with a burger, they are laid with tons of artificial sweeteners and carbon dioxide which increases acidity in your system.

Ideally you should replace soft drinks from your diet with more healthy options such as a tender coconut water and fruit infused water that helps in digestion and prevents acidity. Soft drinks should be especially avoided late in the night as this can make your tummy bloat and cause indigestion throughout the night.

Lime juice

lime causing acidity

Lemon is acidic in nature. Although lime is one of the best sources of Vitamin C you can find, its acidic properties also mean that it can bloat your tummy and cause acidity. Lime is best mixed minimally with food and not to be consumed in the raw form.

If you are someone who enjoys lime, you can still continue to have lime, but lime should be diluted in water so that the acidic content is neutralized and the effect on your stomach linings is minimal.

Cooking oil

cooking oil causing bloating

Most cooking oils you buy from the supermarket contain saturated fat which is not the best for the human body. Excess saturated fat can increase cholesterol and cause indigestion. When you intestine processes such cooking oil, it causes bloating.

Instead of cooking oil, you can consider buying cold pressed coconut oil which is healthy or even extra virgin olive oil which is known to be good for the heart. As a best practice you should avoid deep fried foods cooked in any oil to prevent acidity and bloating.

Packed snacks

snacks causing acidity

Just like cooking oil, packed snacks also contain saturated fat and plenty of additives to make sure you are always eating them during your free time. Unsaturated fats along with additives are a dangerous combination and they can cause serious damage to your intestines in the long run.

If you are someone who cannot live without snacks, you should switch to more healthier options such as nuts, berries or even fruits that will not cause acidity. Snacking on dates or raisins is also a good idea for people suffering from acidity.


salt causing acididty

Salt is essential part of cooking and it cannot be avoided. However, some people are known to add excess amount of salt because of food habits and this can cause acidity. You might have noticed that after consuming heavily salted foods such as chips, you have experienced bloating for next several hours and then the effect wears down.

Salty foods are best avoided and as you age, it is always recommended to reduce the amount of salt you intake to keep your blood pressure under control and also prevent acidity and tummy bloating.


tomato causing acidity

Tomato is another food item which you cannot avoid in diet. However, did you know that tomato is also acidic in nature and for people with sensitive stomachs, tomato can cause bloating and acidity.

Small amounts of tomato does not cause acidity and if you want to reduce your intake of tomato you can switch to cherry tomato which are smaller in size and more tasty. Before making any changes to your diet, we recommend you consult a dietician as you do not want to stop any foods that contain vital nutrients essential for your body.


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