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8 Foods that Damage Your Kidneys Without You Realizing


Kidneys play one of the most crucial functions in our body as they detoxify and filer the body and blood.

The quality of food, your diet affects the functioning of the kidneys. Certain foods that we usually intake put a lot more pressure on the organs, and thus must be eaten in moderation in terms to avoid developing kidney disease. There are several types of diseases that can affect the kidneys, some partially some more and medical costs for the most of these diseases are usually very high. There are great organizations such as American Kidney Fund that helps individuals suffering from kidney diseases to get treatment, but the best way to is to keep your kidneys healthy.

There are some foods that affect the functioning of kidneys. Perhaps, it’s never too late to improve the habits and to start avoiding such foods, which may lead you to kidney disorder. Here we are going to discuss about 8 foods, which put enormous strain over your kidneys and can damage your kidneys in the long run. As you get older, it is always a good idea to avoid such foods and ensure that you drink plenty of water to keep your body hyderated and kidneys functioning at their best.

Red meat

Red meat consists of high protein content. Our bodies need particular amount of protein to grow muscles, but it becomes challenging for kidneys to detoxify the amount of protein present in red meat. Red meat even includes high saturated fat. Yet again, kidneys have to work hard and this much of fat can result in the formation of cells called macrophages within the kidney tissue, which ultimately damages the kidneys and increase the formation of acidic residue in the body.

The acidic residue formed is uric acid because of which painful stones tend to develop. You might have heard it before that red meat is also known to cause cancer. Given the health disadvantages of red meat, we would recommend that you reduce the intake of red meat and this will also help your kidneys function better.


Alcohol is considered to be a toxin, which our kidneys filter. Moderate drinking doesn’t make the task of filtration terribly difficult, but excessive drinking results in real strain on kidneys. Too much alcohol consumption tends to change the function of our kidneys, much like it makes them unable to efficiently filter your blood.

Alcohol is quite dehydrating, and water is critical for the functioning of kidneys along with every single cell in our bodies. If you love alcohol and cannot think of a life without alcohol, the least you can do is try to drink in moderation and also rehyderate yourself the next day.

Table salt

Sodium is an important ingredient and helps our bodies in maintaining the proper fluid balance. But, having high amount of salt in your diet, make kidneys to force to hold water for diluting it. This results in raised blood pressure and may even damage the microscopic structures of your kidneys which perform the actual filtering function.

Most of the food you eat from fast food places have excessive sodium in them and these are best avoided. You can reduce your sodium intake gradually and this will also help maintain your blood pressure at normal levels.


Caffeine is a stimulant in nature and, it accelerates blood flow as well as increase blood pressure. It is also considered to be mild diuretic, which causes affect on kidney’s ability of water absorption and can lead to dehydration. Small amount of caffeine consumption is not harmful but overconsumption may worsen the existing kidney disease and can even cause kidney stones because of chronic dehydration.

You should also understand that caffeine is highly addictive and once you develop the habit of drinking coffee, you might have a hard time stopping it.

Soda and energy drinks

Energy drinks might taste good and even can deliver a blast of energy in our body, but these energy drinks are extremely problematic when it comes to kidney. There exists no health value to sodas and energy drinks, so eliminating these from your diet is definitely one of the best things you can do for immediate relieve in strain that comes on your kidneys and to improve overall health. High blood sugar levels exhibited by these beverages damage the kidney tissue and affect the overall ability of filtering blood.

Also some energy drinks are a dangerous combination of chemicals that can cause other health disorders in the long run. Research has also proved that only two diet sodas per day can result into decline of kidney function.

Artificial sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners, which tend to be found in food items, were basically meant for reducing our dependence over unhealthy sugar, but it didn’t work out that way. According to research food items consisting of artificial sweetener don’t result in lowering the overall consumption of sugar.

Artificial sugars are also known to contain additives that can make you addicted to them and increase your blood sugar levels. Before consuming artificial sweeteners, it is recommended that you check with a qualified medical practitioner.

Dairy products

Dairy products are considered to be rich sources of calcium, protein and other nutrients. They may be healthy addition within your diet, but must be consumed in limit. Too much intake of dairy products i.e. calcium may lead to kidney stones as kidneys have to struggle to dump the excess amount into your urine.

Non-organic food

As per many research and studies, many people suffering from chronic kidney disease have higher levels of pesticide residue with their bodies. This is due to the consumption of non-organic food. Thus it is advised to eat healthy organic food to keep you kidneys disease free and in working condition.


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