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8 Health Benefits of Fasting You Never Knew!


Fasting is one of the few common practices present in almost all religions. From very ancient times, fasting has been part of distinct cultures and ancient civilizations knew the importance of diet control. Muslims fast during the day in the month of Ramadan. Christians and Hindus fast, during special occasions. For Jains, fasting unto death is a custom.

However, it would be wiser not to go that extreme. Fasting for a day can have so many positive effects on your body. Let’s look at some of the health benefits of fasting. If you have not tried fasting, we recommend that you try it once or twice to see if your body is able to handle the strain from “not eating”. Before that it is a good idea to understand the benefits of fasting.

Improved fitness

Fitness through Fasting

Fasting helps you improve the body fitness by increasing metabolic activity and the health of the heart. Through fasting the body is deprived of usual intake of calories which force the body to consume fat which have been stored in the body since long time. Although intermittent fasting is known to boost fitness making fasting a regular habit is never advisable as this makes the body also lose muscle which is harder to regain.

Fat loss

Fat loss through fasting

While you fast, your body will burn down extra fat in your body. This will help you to stay fit and lose weight without doing anything. While fasting can aid in weight loss, fasting also has to be complemented with healthy food as well as exercise. Eating too much junk food and then fasting for a day in a week will not help you achieve your weight loss goals. If you plan to make fasting a part of your daily life, we recommend you consult your doctor or a dietician who can guide you on how to do it for your specific body type.

Get a healthy heart

Healthy heart through fasting

It is no secret that fasting can make a significant difference in your blood pressure. Prolonged periods of inactivity, coupled with unhealthy foods can make your blood pressure be lower than normal.

With intermittent fasting you can instantly feel the difference in blood pressure and circulation. Cardiovascular activities will become smooth and strong after a day of fasting. However, if you feel your blood pressure is dropping at an alarming pace, you should discontinue fasting and seek medical opinion before resuming fasting.

Purifies blood

blood purification through fasting

Fasting is a holiday for most of our organs. When they get rest, they’ll perform better. Due to the high amount of calories you eat in a day, your organs are often overloaded with activity and energy that creates unhealthy functioning of them.

This is where fasting becomes useful. Fasting completely reduces the energy required for the body and helps purifies the blood and improves circulation. After fasting it is essential to check your blood pressure and ensure that pressure levels are at normal.

Sugar level regulation

Sugar level regulation through fasting

Insulin is a chemical created by the pancreas that help regulate the level of glucose in the body. Correct amounts of insulin are absolutely essential for the body to function normally and fasting can have a positive impact on pancreas.

Fasting can increase the effect of insulin which is produced by the body. When insulin becomes effective, body cells can get glucose easily and more effectively. Also, it has been observed that fasting can reduce the sugar level in blood.

Improves brain function

brain activity through fasting

Brain function depends on many factors such as age, diet, exercise and even level of stress in every day life. Brain function tends to slow down with age and now research is showing that there are some activities you can do to improve brain functioning. One of them is fasting.

Research has shown that there is indeed a positive link between fasting and brain function. As the body slows down during fasting, brain also rests which protects the brain and help its functioning.

Develops metal health

mental health through fasting

Fasting is associated with many age old religion and rituals. These are customs that have been around for thousands for years and often they have significance in modern day lives too. Through fasting, your entire body including the mind can relax and take a break from every day stress. Needless to say, this develops mental health.

Increases muscle strength

muscle strength through fasting

Growth hormone (GH) or somatotropin, also called human growth hormone (hGH or HGH) is a peptide hormone responsible for stimulating growth, cell reproduction and regeneration of cells.

It has been reported that fasting can actually increase the secretion of growth hormones within the human body and in some animals. With increase in secretion of growth hormones, the body will be able to increase muscle strength and bone power, along with metabolic activities.


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