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8 Signs of Anxiety Disorder You Should Never Ignore!


Anxiety disorder is a very common issue among youngsters and middle aged people alike. Due to the sudden change in our lifestyle and increasing social isolation, our psychological self is always under stress. Anxiety will adversely affect your career and personal life and it’ll damage you both physically and mentally.

To counter anxiety, the first thing you need to do is understand the root cause of your problem. Some common symptoms of anxiety disorder are given below. It will be better to consult a therapist to eliminate all the negativity from your life and start a new journey.

1You are always restless

Kids are always restless in a positive way. However, if you have anxiety disorder, you will know how it feels to have a disturbing restlessness always inside your head. You can watch comedy movies or TV, to relax the brain.

Sometimes restlessness gets to a stage where you are not able to watch TV or even indulge in any hobby that you once used to enjoy. If you find yourself restless beyond control, try to understand the reason for your restlessness and take necessary steps to calm down your body and your mind.



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