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8 Signs You Are Having Anxiety Disorder & What to Do Next!


Anxiety disorder is a very common issue among youngsters and middle aged people alike. Due to the sudden change in our lifestyle and increasing social isolation, our psychological self is always under stress. Anxiety will adversely affect your career and personal life and it’ll damage you both physically and mentally.

To counter anxiety, the first thing you need to do is understand the root cause of your problem. Some common symptoms of anxiety disorder are given below. It will be better to consult a therapist to eliminate all the negativity from your life and start a new journey.

You are always restless

restless sign of anxiety

Kids are always restless in a positive way. However, if you have anxiety disorder, you will know how it feels to have a disturbing restlessness always inside your head. You can watch comedy movies or TV, to relax the brain.

Sometimes restlessness gets to a stage where you are not able to watch TV or even indulge in any hobby that you once used to enjoy. If you find yourself restless beyond control, try to understand the reason for your restlessness and take necessary steps to calm down your body and your mind.

You have short attention span

short attention span

Another common characteristic of anxiety disorder is short attention span. This means that your mind is always filled with thoughts on multiple things and you are never able to pay attention to anything.

With the coming of smartphones, people’s attention spans have reduced considerably. Short attention span harm your career and if you are a student you would really suffer in academics.

You can’t focus on anything

If you have very short attention span, naturally you mind will not be able to focus on anything. Once your mind starts wandering, it gets exteremly difficult to do even minor tasks such as memorizing list of things to buy from the supermarket.

In case you are having issues focusing your mind on any task at hand, we recommending taking a break from regular routine and doing meditation or yoga to increase focus. You can even go into therapy and discuss your problems with a qualified therapist to get your focus back.

Irritated for no reason

This is one sign you need to be very careful. Normal people tend to get irritated when things do not work out the way they want. However, if you ever find that you are irritated for no reason, they you should think about the root cause.

Being irritated all the time can affect your social as well as family life as people will find you annoying and start avoiding you. In such cases, you should take a break and focus on things you enjoy to pull the mind away from negativity.

You can’t sleep

unable to sleep with anxiety

Sleep apnea and insomnia are quite common among people with anxiety disorder. This is because when the body tries to relax and go to sleep, the mind is still wandering on questions and problems causing insomnia.

In such cases what you can do is exercise in the morning and in the evening so that the body is tired and will be able to sleep. If you exercise for a few weeks you would be able to sleep normally and get your sleep cycle back. You can even go for medication prescribed by a doctor to get your sleep cycle back.

You worry too much


Are you someone who worries too much? This could be a sign of anxiety disorder. Worrying about things which you have no control over is harming and you should always try to nip this habit in the bud.

In case you find yourself worried all the time, try distracting your mind to doing something you enjoy. It could be something as simple as going for a walk in the park or cooking your favorite dish. Once the mind is distracted, you will not be worrying and you can start practicing yoga or meditation to reduce the habit of worrying.

You can’t handle relationships

relationship with anxiety disorder

Every relationship is unique and for someone suffering from anxiety disorder, every relationship usually ends in a painful way. To have a healthy relationship, the first thing you need is a healthy and positive mind. With anxiety disorder, you will be constantly worried and unable to devote the time and attention required in a regular relationship.

Anxiety can also make you emotionally weak which will prevent you from enjoying the relationship and worrying about the future of the relationship. To have a healthy relationship, you need to cure anxiety and then build trust on your partner.

Regular headache

headache anxiety disorder

Headache is not a disease, but rather a symptom of something wrong with the body. If you are suffering from anxiety disorder, you will most likely have frequent headaches which does not even go away with medications. Anxiety disorders can also increase your blood pressure increasing the force on the veins in your forehead causing headaches.

If you are getting such headaches along with other symptoms we recommend you undergo a full medical check up and ensure the headache is not because of any other factors. Hydrate yourself, relax your mind and with regular de-stressing you should be able to reduce headaches and live a normal life.


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