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8 Warning Signs of Heart Attack You Should Always Notice!


If something is going wrong with your heart, how would you know it? Some heart problems might show up with symptoms but not all of them will appear with clear warning signs. What if the alarming chest clutch does not occur and it is followed by a fall on the floor as you watch in movies. Some heart symptoms don’t even relate to your chest, and it might not be easy to say what’s going on.

If you’re not sure about the things going on within your body, get it checked out. That is highly important when you are near 60 or older, are overweight person, a diabetic patient, or suffer from high cholesterol as well as high blood pressure. The more health problems you have more you must be concerned about anything which can be related to heart.

Especially watch out for the following signs:

Chest discomforts

It can be seen as the most common warning sign for heart related problems. If your arteries are blocked or having high chances of heart attack, you will feel pain, tightness, as well as pressure within your chest.

Symptoms for such conditions may vary person to person. Some people described that they felt as if an elephant was sitting on them. Others mentioned it felt like pinching and burning.
The feeling can typically last more than a few minutes. It might happen the time you are having a rest or might be during something physical.

Nausea, Indigestion, Heartburn, or Stomach Pain

Some people go through Nausea, Indigestion, Heartburns and stomach pain during a heart attack. Sometimes there can be chances for vomit. As compared to male patients such symptoms are more noticeable in women.

You could have an upset stomach because of many reasons that may not relate with your heart. After all, it can even occur because of having inappropriate food. But you should be aware that it might happen during a heart attack.

So if you are feeling this way and you have heart related problems, let you doctor find out the actual reason behind this, especially if you notice other symptoms mentioned within this article.

Pain that Spreads to the Arm

Another genuine and highly noticed heart attack symptom is pain which radiates towards the left side of the body. It usually begins from the chest and tends to move outward. Whereas in some patients it usually begin with arm pain and further turns out to be heart attacks.

Such pain should never be ignored under any circumstances. If you do get pain that starts from the chest and is spreading towards your arms, call an emergency service at the earliest or ask for support from anyone whom is close to you.

You Feel Dizzy or Lightheaded

You may feel dizzy because of a number of things and can even make you feel faint for a moment. Maybe it’s just because you didn’t have enough food and drinks, or because you stood up too fast.

But if it seems to feel unsteady over sudden and have some chest discomfort or even the breath gets shortened, call a doctor right away. It could be due to drop of blood pressure as your heart was not able to pump the way it should be.

Throat or Jaw Pain

By itself, throat and jaw pains are not considered to be heart related. More likely, it is expected to cause because of a muscular issue, a cold, or a sinus problem.

But if you are going through such a pain or pressure within the center of the chest which spreads up towards your throat or jaw, it can be a sign for heart attack. Call you doctor and seek medical attention to ensure everything is alright.

You Get Exhausted Easily

If suddenly you feel exhausted and fatigued or might be winded after performing some tasks that you went through without any problem doing in the past such as climbing the stairs or even carrying a little heavy items, you should consult the doctor right away.

Such significant changes can be important signs of your heart problems. Apart from this extreme exhaustion, weakness for few days, can be a sign of heart disease, especially in women. If you have been feeling tired or exhausted for a long time without any particular reason, we recommend that you get your heart checked by a qualified medical practitioner.


Snoring is definitely a normal thing. But sometimes loud snoring which sounds like a gasping or may be choking could be a sign of sleep apnea. Sleep apnea means when you stop breathing for sudden moments many times at night while you are asleep. This can put some extra stress on your heart. Your doctor should decide if you may need a sleep study if you are going from such a condition.

If you stay alone, you might not be aware of your own snoring. If you suspect that you have sleep apnea or excessive snoring, there are mobile phone applications that can record your sleep and let you know if you are in fact snoring excessively. If found so, seek help from a doctor and find out the root cause along with the possible solution.

A Cough That Won’t Quit

It would not be a sign for heart problems. But if you already have some heart related problems and you are aware about the risks you are at paying special attention is important.

If you are suffering from long lasting cough consisting white or pink mucus, it can be a symptom of heart failure. This usually happens when the heart is not able to cope up with the body’s demands, and results in blood leaking back into the lungs. Consult to the doctor the reason behind that is causing you cough.

Irregular Heart Beat

It’s usually normal to have irregular heartbeats when you race, you are nervous or excited or even skip or add a beat once a while. But if you have felt that your heart is beating out of time in a few seconds, or it is often happening, consult your doctor.

For maximum cases it happens because of reasons which are easy to fix such as not having enough sleep, excess caffeine. It sometimes it can be a sign for a condition which needs treatment and proper medication.


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